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From the mystical Zorro to the Three Musketeers, fencing has captured the imagination of young and old alike for centuries. Always wanted to duel? Pick up the gauntlet and get to know one of the oldest, most graceful sports in the world!


An experienced instructor and specialist will show you the way. During this fencing workshop you will learn the basic techniques. Have you mastered these? Then the duel will follow. Test your concentration, insight and reactions and experience fencing on the edge. Which team will achieve the most victories? En garde!
Prefer to stand on the sidelines? Book a demonstration and enjoy a top fight between the best fencers in the country.



We come on location and propose a suitable location, taking into account your wishes and budget. Proposing your own location is always possible!


Tip: Book an initiation fencing at one of our unique locations in your favorite city for an unforgettable experience.

Ex-pro fencer Frederik Vandormael

Ex-pro fencer Frederik Vandormael

Touché has a team of the best and most experienced fencing instructors in the country. The workshops are led by Frederik Vandormael, ex-pro fencer and manager of Touché!


Interested in initiation fencing for your team building, family day, bachelor or field day? Request a quote or a guide price here.

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